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Woman in red balancing from hoop

From Belly Dancing to Goat Yoga –Time to Mix Up Your Exercise Regime

Pounding the treadmill is all well and good, but dare we say that after a while it can get a bit…boring? Well, if you fancy trying something a bit different, then why not try one of these unusual exercise classes? These are not your typical workout. […]


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Woman sleeping with sunshine on her face

Here’s What Your Skin Does Overnight

We may be asleep, but that doesn’t mean that our bodies aren’t working hard. Getting enough sleep is vital to many of our bodily functions, and it’s especially important for the health and appearance of our skin that we get enough sleep. Why? Because this is what our skin is doing when we’re sleeping the […]


Group of friends laughing on a sofa

Friends by Choice, or by Chance?

Who you end up sharing a flat with during your first year at university is often not your own choice. It’s pot luck who the university puts you with. Or is it? It turns out that each university has very specific ideas about how to find an ideal mix of flatmates, and they vary massively. […]


Group posing for a photo at a party

Dinner Party Decoration Tips

Hosting a dinner party isn’t all about the food (although good food is definitely an important element!). To take a dinner party to the next level, and leave your guests feeling wowed at the end of the evening, there are other things to take into account when you’re planning. How you dress the table and […]