Makeup Packing Hacks

Maybe you’ve already had your holiday abroad for the year, but perhaps you’ve avoided the peak school holiday season and are yet to jet off to foreign climes. If that’s you then these neat packing hacks will help to get your makeup from A to B in the perfect condition (and even you’ve already been away, these are worth bearing in mind for next time).

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Three Bra Tips You Need to Know

Most women wear a bra. Some women have a modest bust that means they don’t need to, and some women are busty enough to need one at all times but still go without anyway, but for the majority of women, a bra is a must-have on a daily basis. Sadly this means they wear out quite quickly. However, with these tips and tricks you can delay the inevitable and keep your bra working and looking its best!

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How To Declutter (and not just move the mess around)

The best laid plans to have a clear-out, when paired with fashion fans and wardrobe hoarders, are easily derailed. The thing is…if you don’t get ruthless you’re going to drown in clothes. Which sounds nice in theory, but can get really oppressive and depressing in reality. So before your clutter gets too chronic, you need to have a proper clear-out – not just shift clothes from a drawer to a bin-bag on the floor, but actually out of the door!

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Men On Why They Hate Makeup

There’s a common misconception out there that people will like you more if you wear makeup, so much so in fact that it’s become remarkable when a famous female chooses to go completely makeup-free (just think of all the press attention Alicia Keys had when she decided she was going to go without). However, it’s just not true. In fact lots of men have reasons why they hate makeup…

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