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How To Make Your Day Better In Just A Few Minutes

Having a bad day? It happens. That bad feeling doesn’t need to ruin your whole day though. You can turn it around in just a few minutes. Re-group and re-plan Things may not have gone to plan so far – perhaps you missed your bus, or you know that you have to give a big […]


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To Bike or to E-Bike – The Pros and Cons  

We’re regularly being told that it would be better for the environment, and for our own health, if we did more cycling, but for many this can be somewhat daunting. If you’ve not done much cycling before, then even a small uphill slope can feel like scaling a mountain. Similarly, if you’ve got a long […]


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How to Ace a Job Interview Via Video-Call

When lockdown was in full force, the only option which employers looking to hire new employees had was to conduct interviews over the phone or, more commonly, via a video-call. Although lockdown may have ended and restrictions have been eased, many employers are still choosing to conduct their interviews via video-call. However, while many aspects […]


Tips on Living Sustainably

We know that we need to start living more sustainably. Not only does it help to preserve resources and protect the environment, but living more sustainably can also help you to save some money! Use a reusable water bottle This goes for coffee cups too. A lot of coffee shops now offer discounts for those […]