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New Job? Listen to these podcasts

New Job? Listen to these Podcasts!

Podcasts have become incredibly popular and incredibly diverse. There are podcasts on almost every topic you could imagine (and some which we had no idea could even be a topic)! It does mean that choosing which ones to listen to is a tough decision. These are a few of top suggestions for anyone about to […]


Would You Become a Nun

Would You Become a Nun?

It may sound like a bit of an antiquated idea – becoming a nun. Perhaps it conjures up ideas of ‘disgraced’ women being forced into convents, or old women praying on their knees in a draughty abbey, but for some young women, becoming a nun is something which some they really want to do. […]


The Gender Pay Gap And Peak Age Correlation

According to a salary analysis conducted by, the age at which women earn the most money doesn’t peak at the end of a steadily increasing line, running from the beginning of their working lives until their retirement. Instead, the peak rate of pay for a woman is at age 39! Even if there are […]