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Would You Become a Nun

Would You Become a Nun?

It may sound like a bit of an antiquated idea – becoming a nun. Perhaps it conjures up ideas of ‘disgraced’ women being forced into convents, or old women praying on their knees in a draughty abbey, but for some young women, becoming a nun is something which some they really want to do. […]


The World’s Top Earning Authors for 2016

Any aspiring writers out there (toiling away in university news rooms in the hope of one day making it big with a smashing new novel that’ll be snapped up by Hollywood, leaving you rich forever)? Well – if you do make it, these are the kind of bucks you could be earning: Highest-earning writers in […]


Tinie Tempah announces graduate job scheme

Award-winning rapper Tinie Tempah has announced plans to set up a charity that will provide financial support for graduates. It will cover anything from paying for the cost of travelling to auditions and buying a suit, or arranging work experience and subsidising hotel stays before job interviews. […]