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Guess how much your handbag is worth?

How much is your handbag worth? – And not just your bag itself but all that you haul around inside of it (makeup, sunglasses, specs, jewellery, purse, mobile, iPad etc.)? Now you know why it would be a tragedy if you lost your handbag: Research shows that over two-thirds (69 per cent) of young people […]


Ten top makeup brands used by UK women

What makeup brands live in your makeup bag? I know I have some Maybeline and Rimmel going on. But that’s just two. What are the ten top makeup brands used by UK women? I am sure we could all hazard a guess but a new poll (commissioned by asking women to list the […]


Katie Holmes for Bobbi Brown – new makeup range

If you’re a fan of Katie Holmes’ understated makeup style you’re likely to enjoy her new ‘quick fix’ cosmetics range – collaboration with popular makeup brand Bobbi Brown. Ms Holmes was announced the first ever celebrity ‘face of Bobbi Brown’, a brand renowned for its natural shades, late last year. Katie Holmes classic elegance suits […]