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Cleaning Makeup Brushes with UV Light

Be honest, how many of us actually clean our makeup brushes on a weekly basis? We know we’re supposed to. We know it’s important to keep them clean so that we’re not wiping old oil and dirt back across our faces each morning, but, well, it’s just such an easy thing to forget to do. […]


New makeup app – Glamzy 2

If you’re a makeup lover, listen up! Glamzy 2 has hit the app scene and is a force to be reckoned with! This nifty little app allows you to make your own face chart. Pick a face shape, pick a style from options including subtle, casual or expressive, and then apply the makeup from a […]


Creative storage ideas for makeup

True to London form, I am resident of a flat that is not a propagator of mass furniture. In other words, there is a space issue. The bedroom has enough space for a bed and a cupboard, or two – my husband, mush to the disgust of my makeup and jewellery collection, also needs somewhere […]