The Handbag Must-Haves That Get Forgotten

You don’t want to make your bag too heavy by carrying everything but the kitchen sink with you; just on the off-chance that you might need it. However, there are definitely some items that should be in everyone’s handbag.

The Handbag Must-Haves That Get Forgotten

Hair elastics

The wind has gotten up and your hair is in your face. Be blinded or be prepared with hair ties. Also very useful for many other things but that’s probably the main one.

Biodegradable moist wipes

When you start to smell less than fresh, maybe thanks to a dash for the train or having had a stressful day, these are a must-have. You’ll come up smelling of roses and feeling confident and cleansed.

Breath mints

You may notice the minty scent when someone’s had one, and you definitely notice when someone hasn’t had one but probably should have!


Because of course.

Safety pins

For when something tears without warning (yes you may like a split in your skirt, but maybe not one that goes that high!)

Hand sanitizer

When the soap has run out, the sanitizer comes out.


Cracked skin does not a happy person make – itchy and sore!!! Guard against it.

USB charging cable

Phone running low? There are so many free charging points around now that, so long as you’re carrying a charging cable on you, running out of battery will hopefully not be a modern-day issue that befalls you.

You may not use these things every day, but when you need them, you really need them!