How to Reduce the Appearance of Crow’s Feet

Looking after our skin is complex. To make sure that our skin looks its best we should eat right, get enough sleep, make sure that we have a skincare routine, don’t drink too much, don’t spend too much time in the sun…the list goes on.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Crow's Feet

The thing is, even if you do everything which experts recommend you do in order to take care of your skin, you’re still not going to avoid wrinkles altogether. This isn’t a bad thing, your wrinkles and laughter lines show that you’ve taken chances, had fun and really lived (and maybe got a bit stressed at times too!).

Having said that, if your wrinkles aren’t something you love, and your Crow’s feet wrinkles in particular (those little V shapes at the corners of your eyes), these little tricks and tips should help to reduce their appearance.

Rub argan oil into your wrinkles

Argan oil has an anti-aging effect which can help to improve the elasticity of skin.

Avoid face powder

Face powder has a habit of collecting in the lines and wrinkles on your face and highlighting their existence. If you do use face powder, keep it away from your eye area.

Try eye tapping

With the pads of your fingers, gently tap along the natural curve of your eyes to promote blood flow, thereby making skin seem plumper and less wrinkled.

Eat garlic – a clove or two each day

Garlic compounds can help guard against the breakdown of collagen. And, thanks to the antioxidant properties in the garlic compounds, it can also aid the repair of some of the skin damage which is caused by increased exposure to the sun.