Will Printed Makeup Be A Thing Soon?

Technology can do a huge number of things now, but one thing which we didn’t imagine it doing was creating “printed” makeup. That’s just what one company has done though.

Will Printed Makeup Be a Thing Soon

Specialists at Panasonic, who wanted to solve various skin concerns, joined together across organisational borders to create a nano-level ultra-thin sheet, called the “Make-up Sheet”. This sheet can be printed with custom-made makeup according to the condition of each person’s skin.

The Panasonic team quoted that 85% of women aged from their 20s to their 50s have skin concerns like spots, freckles, and discolouration.

However, in many cases, the makeup options available on the market simply don’t match people’s skin tones, and even when they do, applying the makeup takes quite a time. The team thought that by creating a makeup sheet they could solve the time issue and the matching issue in one go.

To create a custom makeup sheet, a ‘mirror’ with sensors in it analyses the person’s skin type and colour. From this, the computer creates the perfect base and foundation which are printed and laid on top of each other on a flexible plastic sheet. The sheet is applied to the face and the makeup is fixed in place with water – a little like a temporary tattoo.

It’s an interesting technological development, but should we be trying to make everyone’s skin ‘flawless’ by concealing what makes it unique?