How To Make Your Day Better In Just A Few Minutes

Having a bad day? It happens. That bad feeling doesn’t need to ruin your whole day though. You can turn it around in just a few minutes.

Re-group and re-plan

Things may not have gone to plan so far – perhaps you missed your bus, or you know that you have to give a big presentation that day and it’s making you nervous. Whatever it is that’s making you feel negative or nervous doesn’t need to taint your whole day.

Take a minute or two to look at what you were going to do, and move some things around. You missed your bus so now you’re going to be late? Maybe move one of the tasks you had on that day to a different day so you’re not chasing your tail all day. The presentation is making you nervous? Plan to do something lovely after it so that you have something to look forward to.

Change your location

They say that a change is as good as a rest, well if you’re in a bad frame of mind, sometimes it can be just what you need to break the negative thought cycle. By moving what you’re doing to a different location you’ll subconsciously reset your mind.

It’s even better if you can change location to somewhere outside. Studies have shown that being outside can help improve focus and shrug off pressures. One study has even shown that being outdoors for just twenty minutes can boost your mental energy level as much as having a cup of coffee would!

Up your happiness hormones

You can boost your dopamine level (also known as the happiness hormone) with just ten minutes of exercise, such as a ten-minute walk. If you can stretch to twenty minutes, even better. In scientific studies, improvements in dopamine levels were seen to be highest after at least twenty minutes of exercise.

Other things which will quickly boost your dopamine level includes listening to upbeat music, doing something creative, or meditating.

Do a good turn

Helping others is great for them, but also for us. When we help others we feel good about ourselves and both people’s days are improved. It doesn’t need to be anything huge like helping a stranger carry lots of heavy shopping home; simply complimenting someone on their outfit, or making someone a surprise cup of tea can be enough to make them smile, and to make yourself smile in response!