How To Boost Your Brows (Without Going Overboard!)

Full and defined eyebrows have to be the brow of choice at the moment, but there are good brows, and bad brows. If you can clearly see the drawn on eyebrow pencil, that’s really not a great look. Here’s how to get beautiful eyebrows, without going too far.



If you like a subtle look, but still want to be sure that your eyebrows stay in shape, try using clear gel to make that happen. Simply brush through your brow following its natural shape, or slightly upwards. A water-based gel will keep your brows in good order, without setting them like concrete. It will also be easier to take off at the end of the day if you opt for a water-based gel!


If you want to add a bit of body to your eyebrows, maybe because you feel they aren’t full enough, then a tinted gel is a good thing to try. The colour of the gel should match your hair colour – don’t be tempted to go much darker to increase drama because it won’t look right. As with the clear gel, brush through your brows in the direction of your natural growth – making sure that the brush doesn’t have clumps on it when you do this. No one wants one dark spot in the middle of an eyebrow!


If your brows need a boost because they’re too sparse, or aren’t the shape you would like, then a creamy eyebrow pencil or a brow powder can do wonderful things. How you apply it is important though. Don’t be tempted to draw a block outline and then colour in any gaps. Your face is not a colouring page!


If you’re using an eyebrow pencil, draw lots of small hairs on and reduce the number you’re drawing as you near the middle of your face. Once your hairs are drawn, brush through your brows to smooth out any harsh lines.


With eyebrow setting powder, use an angled brush (some eyebrow compacts come complete with an angled brush) to draw the tiny hairs on. Before you apply the powder to your brows, draw a hair or two on the back of your hand to remove excess powder and any clumping. Then start from the outside of your eyebrow and work in towards the middle of your face. When you only have the inside third of your eyebrow left to do, resist the urge to refill your brush with powder. If you put too much powder on the inside ends of your brows, you’re going to look angry rather than perfectly shaped!