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Fun and Easy Date Ideas

Will Printed Makeup Be A Thing Soon?

Technology can do a huge number of things now, but one thing which we didn’t imagine it doing was creating “printed” makeup. That’s just what one company has done though. […]


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More Vain Than Past Generations

Are We Really More Vain Than Past Generations?

Given the huge number of us who have Instagram profiles flooded with selfies and carefully constructed shots of us looking amazing on holiday, the “are we really vainer than past generations were?” seems a fair one to ask. It’s not as if our parents regularly took multiple photos of themselves each day and then showed […]


Would You Become a Nun

Would You Become a Nun?

It may sound like a bit of an antiquated idea – becoming a nun. Perhaps it conjures up ideas of ‘disgraced’ women being forced into convents, or old women praying on their knees in a draughty abbey, but for some young women, becoming a nun is something which some they really want to do. […]