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How to Keep Your Bump a Hands-Free Zone

It’s a strange phenomenon that being pregnant automatically invites invasion of personal space. While some may not mind the occasional unsolicited hand on their incubator, plenty don’t, and the feeling is both normal and legitimate. If you fall into the latter constituent of expectant mums, check out these five Mumsnet tips to (politely) keep the bump-touchers at bay.

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Meet “Oli”: The Pregnancy Patch that could be a Birth Gamechanger

The experience of birth is unique to every woman, but for most, it is never a simple experience; and while there are some aspects that we can moderate (slightly), there are other things–like the discomfort of staying stationery for the purpose of monitoring, for sometimes hours on end–that we’ve just come to accept as par for the course. An Australian engineer and mum, however, may be changing at least one of those ‘unchangeable’ parts of delivery.

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