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Mom and boy child water the garden together, Mom’s little gardener assistant, taking care of children and garden. Mother watering her son from watering can, take care of trees and plants, wet child

Great garden projects for children

This is a great time to get out in the garden with your children – not only for some exercise but also for fun and learning. Here are some simple garden projects that you can adapt for kids of all ages.     Make an enchanted garden The base of a tree or a hollow […]


Child watering herbs on a windowsill

How to grow herbs on a windowsill

All you need to bring nature indoors is a windowsill! By growing a variety of herbs you can engage your children and bring great, fresh flavours to your cooking. You can start your windowsill herb garden with seeds or small plants – depending on which you can get hold of and how much work you […]


Children finding bugs in nature

Let’s go on a bug hunt

A bug hunt is a great way to get little ones out in the garden and learning about nature at the same time. Some children (and adults) have a fear of creepy-crawlies, so a bug hunt instils curiosity and fascination by showing them that a wide variety of UK bugs are harmless – and pretty […]


Messy muddy fun in the garden

It seems there is a celebratory day for just about everything, and the month of June is no exception. On June 29th it’s International Mud Day… and while mums and dads might not be so keen to celebrate, plenty of kids will! Here are some ways your little ones can have hours of muddy fun. […]