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Introducing the amazing Patriot Collection from BubbleBum!

BubbleBum welcomes the NEW amazing Patriot Collection to the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat family and its bright, brilliant and Bubblebumly Bumtastic! PLUS, to celebrate, you can WIN 1 of 5 new BubbleBum Patriot seats in our Friday Freebies slot machine! Play here every Friday for a chance to WIN!

The Patriot Collection consists of three new colourways for the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat. These are The Luck of the Irish – Shamrocks, the Union Jack and the USA stars and stripes and we love them all!

The new patriot collection is an online exclusive, special edition and is only available on Amazon, Ebay and and is available to buy now!

The new fanbubbletastic Patriot Collection celebrates fun with flags and offers colourful alternatives to the existing collection, which is a black or pink colourway. Have your little one’s travel with pride on one of BubbleBum’s flag themed inflatable and deflatable travel booster seats.

Celebrate everything British with the Union Jack Seat, feel the luck of the Irish with the Irish Shamrock seat and travel with Honor on the USA Stars and Stripes Booster Seat. The Patriot Collection is a celebration of pride, honor and safety and the BubbleBum is perfect for the summer travel period. The patriot collection is a testament to patriotism and keeping your little ones safe.

The Patriot Collection lives up to the usual high BubbleBum standards and offers travelers a great safety solution this summer and vacation period for in car safety.

BubbleBum was invented in December 2009 by Irish mother of two Grainne Kelly and it is the world’s first inflatable car booster seat. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat is for children aged between 4 – 11 years old and easily deflates and packs away, making it perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips and car-pooling and you can even fit three across the back.

BubbleBum Patriot Booster Seat is the perfect safety travel item that should be included and used with pride on every vacation, not only are they safe, they are very colourful and cool!

So get your new Patriot Bubble Bum Booster Seat today! The new patriot collection is an online exclusive, special edition and is only available on Amazon, Ebay and and is available to buy now!

Kids Squeaky-Clean Sensory Activity: Farm Animal Washing Station!

You can spend all the money in the world on high-tech toys and elaborate activities, but in the end, kids will always be most enamoured by the simplest forms of entertainment. This ‘sensory bin’ is made up of two ridiculously simple components: bubbles and mud – a match made in kiddy heaven. (And, as it turns out, pretty brilliant for Mum, too.)

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A Time-Teaching Watch for Kids!

Kids have a lot of complicated things to learn — tying shoelaces, riding a bike, swimming a length, and remembering to put the lid down. But one of the most complex skills they must master is, by far, learning how to tell the time.

A Time-Teaching Watch for Kids!

The EasyRead Time Teacher children’s watch makes acquiring this important life tool as simple as 1-2-3. Literally.

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9 Awesome Facts about LEGO You Probably Didn’t Know

Kids go crazy for it, and parents are usually left bereft of plenty cash – and bequeathed with plenty foot injuries – because of it. And it’s famous enough to have its own movie. And a song.

9 Awesome Facts about LEGO You Probably Didn't Know

You may think you know all there is to know about these ubiquitous coloured blocks – but here’s a list of LEGO trivia sure to challenge even the most seasoned of small-scale builder…

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Five things to keep small children busy when travelling (that aren’t tech-related)!

Smartphones have literally revolutionised parenting – when we’re out and our kids winge, we pop on a game and all is well. Phones are a great pacifier when it comes to queuing, travelling and anything that involves a wait-time of more than, say, five minutes.

Five things to keep small children busy when travelling (that aren’t tech-related)!

And let’s be honest, a world with fewer whining children is a happier place. But sometimes, in the name of balance (and variety), it’s good to go old school – to fish out the playdough and get down and dirty.

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