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31 Baby Names Inspired by the Wild

The animal kingdom is filled with beautiful little beasts; some reticent and rare, perhaps barely glimpsed but only famous through legend, and others ubiquitous and loved in our own gardens and homes. If you’re looking for a name to imbue your child with a fearless strength, or a mythological magic–or you just want a cute ‘n’ cuddly moniker for your cute ‘n’ cuddly bubs, there’s no more diverse creaturepedia of inspo than the wild.

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The Best Baby Names from the 90s

For many a mum-to-be, the 90s would’ve formed a sizeable chunk of their childhood nostalgia. Of course, nostalgia tends to remember what was with a heavy dose of rosy inaccuracies, but the decade before the millennium really did have some totally awesum stuff going for it; the Spice Girls, jelly shoes, My So-Called Life…(it wasn’t just the era of youth misspent in bomber jackets and cargo pants).

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