Summer Baby Names

If you’re looking for baby name inspiration for your Summer baby, then check out some of these suggestions!


summer baby names


Summer inspired girl’s names

Aurora – This Latin name means the Goddess of dawn. Can also refer to Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.

Birdie – This name means bright in German, but it’s also a familiar form of Bertha. It’s a vintage Summer inspired name that is making a big comeback.

Coral – Inspired by the coral reef.

Ebe – Greek inspired name than means ‘youthful like a flower’.

Isla – This is a Scottish name, relating to the River Isla, but it could also remind you of an island.

Kira – Kira has a few meanings and spellings. The Persian meaning is sun, the Latin meaning is light, the Greek version, Kyra means ‘noble one’, and the Russian meaning is throne.

Meadow – This is an English name, and reminds people of a green field, in the sun.

Nerida – This is a Greek name, meaning sea nymph, or mermaid.

Ruby – This name is the birthstone for the month of July

Sunny – This is an English name and relates to sunshine.

Thalassa – This is a Greek name meaning sea or ocean.


Summer inspired boy’s names

Bay – This can be a unisex name but is very popular for baby boys. It relates to water.

Beckett – This is an Irish and English name. It means a place for bees to stay.

Birch – This is a name relating to the tall tree.

Dayton – This English name means bright, sunny town.

Dune – This name is related to the beach and sand dunes. Perfect for a little Summer boy.

Dylan – This Welsh name means sea.

Lake – This can be a unisex name but is a really popular choice for boys.

Leo – This is a shortened version of the German name Leon. It means lion.

Lin – This is a Burmese name meaning bright. It can also be used as a shortened version of Lyndon.

Luca – This is a version of the Latin name Lucius, which means bringer of light.

River – This tranquil boy’s name means water that flows to the sea.