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Dads Are Better at Bedtime Stories – Here’s Why

I’ve always thought my husband was better equipped for reading bedtime stories.

For one thing, dads just seem to be genetically more fun (or perhaps just more adept at playing the fool); an inborn ability which lends itself well to the theatrics necessary for captivating narration – like their well-honed cache of character impressions, aided by a sonorous, comically varied, vocal range.

Dads Are Better at Bedtime Stories - Here's Why

(Or it might simply be that come 7pm, after an entire day spent appealing to a toddler’s non-existent better judgement, assuaging bad tempers and mediating tantrums, mum’s not so much in the joking mood.) Continue reading

Survey Reveals Parents Can’t Answer Why the Sky is Blue…Can You?

As soon as the word ‘why’ assimilates itself into a little one’s vocabulary, mum and dad are promptly expected to morph into walking, talking encyclopaedias.

Survey Reveals Parents Can't Answer Why the Sky is Blue...Can You?

But according to a new survey, when our kids ask us those typical, first few questions about the world – What is photosynthesis? Why doesn’t the moon fall down? Why is the sky blue? – we don’t have the answers. Or worse; we’re giving the wrong answers. Continue reading

Easy-Peasy (Sugar-Free!) Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Children may be born with a sweet tooth, but it’s obviously not a smart idea to cultivate a sugar-addict. Still, playing food-policeman is not necessarily healthy for kids, either.

Easy-Peasy (Sugar-Free!) Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

The balancing act is made easier with recipes like this one; it indulges our palates’ predilection for the saccharine, and totally tastes like a treat – yet does only good things on the way down. Continue reading