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Easy ideas to celebrate World Baking Day

World Baking day is almost upon us, so it’s the perfect time to get busy in the kitchen with the kids. Created by worldbakingday.com, each year on 17th May they aim to spread the joy of baking all around the world. Whether you’re a dab hand with a rolling pin or can just about mix […]


child's hand holding Cucumbers seed. Planting seeds into seedling pots. Growing vegetables for garden. Germination of seeds in greenhouse.

Getting your children connected with nature

As the nation is getting to grips with staying at home and family days out have to sit on the back burner for a while, there are lots of ways you can get your children to connect with nature.   Whether you have a garden to spend time in, or you’re still able to take […]


Engaging your children in DIY

Whether at weekends or during holidays, it can often be a challenge finding ways to keep children entertained. So what better way to engage them in an activity you can do together than getting them to help with some DIY jobs around the house and garden?     Spring is here, so it’s the perfect […]


Fun ways to treasure precious moments

There are so many moments during a child’s life that you want to remember forever. Whether it’s the day they first smiled, the first tooth appearing (or falling out) or cute and funny things they’ve said. Here are some fun ways you can capture those moments and treasure them forever.     Make a scrapbook […]