Halloween Drawing Ideas To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained This Half-Term

Your children are probably very excited about the Halloween half-term break. That excitement can mean that they’re full of energy with nowhere to put that energy. These Halloween drawing ideas can help you find ways to keep your little ones entertained during the half-term.


halloween drawing ideas




Carving a pumpkin is a great Halloween activity, but drawing one on paper is considerably less messy! Let your little ones express their own creativity by experimenting with the facial expressions on these Halloween pumpkin drawings.




Vampires are surprisingly easy to draw. It’s essentially about layering basic shapes.

Your little ones could draw a vampire with a full body, or just a vampire face with triangles for fangs.

Colours and even different types of colouring material allow them to experiment with their own ideas of Halloween and vampires.


Haunted House


A haunted house is another easy shape to draw. However, you could turn it into a cut and glue activity.

Your little ones could draw different parts of a haunted house, cut them out and then glue them onto a separate sheet of paper to create a more 3D haunted house. You can use different colours of paper to add to the effect.




Monsters are fun for little ones to draw because they can come completely from their imaginations! Their monster drawing can be literally anything they want which makes it a great way for them to express themselves.

You could take this a step further and encourage them to create a story or add special details to their monsters. For example, you could ask them where the monster hides, whether it is a nice monster or a scary monster, does it have monster friends? There’s so much conversation that can be developed from a simple drawing of a monster.