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How to Teach Your Kids Perseverance

Recent studies show that persistence really does pay off; self-discipline and sticking to tasks–no matter how difficult–increases academic results independent of IQ. This is ground-breaking stuff, because it implies we, and our children, are not confined to deterministic principles: we can achieve because we set our minds to do so. But how to we impart that life-changing self-belief to our kids? As with communicating every other nugget of parenting wisdom, we have to walk the walk.

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No More Public Toilet Tears–Puff the Magic Hand Dryer to the Rescue!

Little ones are deeply unique creatures. In many ways, they are so distinctive from us; they’ve even got their own special set of kiddy-specific phobias–the number one fear being the dreaded public restroom hand dryers. But it looks like those monstrous noise-blasting machines could soon be vanquished–and by a beloved children’s story character, no less.

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