Surviving The Summer Holidays: How Parents Can Stay Cool, Calm And Collected

The summer holidays can bring amazing times of family bonding and fun, but it can also bring madness and mayhem. These tips can help you stay cool, calm and collected during the break from school.


surviving summer


Make Time For Yourself


You’ve probably heard it before, but one of the most important parts of self-care is making time for yourself. It’s still important during the summer holidays. Try to set aside some time each day, whether it’s 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, to do something that’s just for you. You could go for a walk, meditate, read, or watch your favourite TV show.




Giving your children age-appropriate chores can help to give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Think of things they can do by themselves and some other things that they can help out with, such as making the bed, tidying up their toys, or helping you in the garden. You could make a chore chart, and have your little ones help to colour and decorate it. Pin it up where they can see it to remind them of what they need to do.


Be Prepared


Being prepared for the week ahead can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Make sure you have drinks and snacks on your shopping list, so you aren’t caught without at the last minute. Plan out your weekly meals and snacks. You could even get the children to help you batch cook some freezer-friendly recipes at the weekend for days when you’re too tired to cook from scratch.




One of the most used phrases you hear as a parent over summer is ‘I’m bored!’ Sit your children down and make a list of entertaining activities both in and out of the house. Some of these activities can be family based, but others should be things that they can do by themselves. It means that when you’re busy they’ve already got a list of ideas for independent activities to keep boredom at bay.




Try to stick to a specific bedtime. It can be later than their term time bedtime, but a designated bedtime is better for you and your children. Children need the routine of bedtime as it helps to prepare them for sleep, and you need time on your own whilst they’re sleeping.


Take A Bath


For many people, one of the best ways to relax is by having a soothing, warm bath (with or without bubbles). You can wait until the children are in bed, then light some candles and relax.


Stay Cool


Take this tip literally. Warm weather in the summer is great, but it can also help even the calmest parent feel a little hot, sticky, and frayed around the edges. And it won’t be just you feeling the effects of the heat, your little ones will be as well.

Keep your freezer stocked with ice cubes and ice lollies to help beat the heat. You could even make your own ice lollies.


Take A Deep Breath


There will be times when everything feels overwhelming. This can be especially true during the summer break. If you can feel yourself getting overwhelmed, or if you feel yourself losing your cool, try these steps to get a sense of calm back:


  • Remove yourself from the situation if there’s someone else to supervise for a few moments.
  • Take ten deep breaths or take a few minutes to calm down.
  • Return when you feel more in control.