5 Easy Ways To Make Fun Summer Memories With Your Children

One of the best things about the summer holidays is the opportunity it brings to make memories with your little ones. These are the moments that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. When they’re older, they won’t remember what the weather was like, or anything negative. These summer moments will be thought of fondly.

This doesn’t mean that your memories need to be extravagant or costly. There are fun and easy ways to make memories with your children in all different forms.


fun summer memories with children


1. Spend Time Together In The Kitchen


Children love to help in the kitchen and there’s a way to get them involved no matter what age they are. There are so many easy recipes that are perfect to make with little ones. From savoury meals like pizza and pastas, to sweet treats like cupcakes and ice cream sundaes, there’s so much you can be cooking up together.


As well as being a wonderful way to spend time with each other and make memories, cooking and baking together helps your children learn life skills.


2. Eat Outside


If the weather agrees, eating outside can create a wonderful memory of time spent as a family. It doesn’t matter what it is that you eat – something you’ve made, a barbecue, breakfast, or even a takeaway. It’s the change of scenery, and break from the norm that can create amazing memories. You can eat outside in your own garden, or you could pack it up and take a picnic to your local park. You could even ask your little ones if there’s somewhere that they would like to try eating outside.


3. Spend A Day At The Beach


Day trips to the beach are a huge part of childhood summer memories for so many of us, and they’re perfect to recreate with your own children. A packed lunch and a bucket and spade can make for hours of entertainment. If going to the beach is not possible for a day trip, then look at your local area. Many areas have amazing hidden gems right in your backyard, so make the most of it.


4. Drive-In Cinema


A drive-in film is a whole new experience for many of us, and your little ones will absolutely love it. Some local areas have one-off events where you can watch a drive-in film. However, you could create your own version at home. You could save up some large cardboard boxes, and have your little ones design their own cars. You could make a themed snack platter and your favourite popcorn. Choose a film that everyone loves and enjoy a drive-in cinema night at home.


5. A Later Bedtime


For some children, their best memories are of the nights when bedtime is almost forgotten about. Get your pyjamas on, collect some blankets and get out for some stargazing. These times are great for bonding and connecting with your little ones. It’s a perfect way to encourage conversations too. You could try some conversation starters or think of some interesting questions to ask your children to really get a conversation going.


While for some children getting to stay up later is the best thing in the world, others need the routine and consistency of bedtime, so gauge this idea based on your own child.