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Here’s how Your Pregnancy Diet can Affect Your Baby’s Fat Mass

Before you use getting preggers as your free pass to indulge your every calorific and crazy gastronomical desire (and as a preggers mum myself, I totally get the temptation), you may want to check out this study – it’s not necessarily just your thighs that’ll suffer…

pregnant belly

According to a new study, chowing down on an especially fatty diet during pregnancy could result in your child developing more fatty tissue than the average. Continue reading

What Families are Eating Around the World – How does Your Weekly Shop Compare?

The weekly shop is a major point of contention in our home. With the growing appetites of a toddler, a preggers mum, and a thirty-something man – as well as my disloyal addiction to flit between food fads and rack up the piles of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients and pointless appliances – our budget is nothing but a tenebrous ideal. We’d like to be more conscious consumers, more frugal, but…you know, such is the plight of the first-worlder family.

family dinner

Our scenario is, of course, not the same for everyone; the specifics of personal tastes, dietary requirements, financial restrictions and basic access don’t necessarily transcend borders. Continue reading

3 No-Cook Pasta Sauces Kids Can Make!

Let’s be real, here. The only reason we procreate is to ensure there’ll be a little entourage of minions to wait on us hand and foot – just as soon as motor coordination allows them to operate a Hoover and work a pepper grinder.


3 No-Cook Pasta Sauces Kids Can Make!

Seriously, though; kids really do dig responsibility – at least until they hit puberty – and the kitchen can be one of the most creative, exciting spaces for them to play grown-up. Playing chef also gives tykes an opportunity to learn that good food can be fun, too.

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A Tenth of Pregnant Women Experience Antenatal Depression

In recent times a lot of necessary attention has been placed on postnatal depression, and rightly so – many women go through it after having a baby. It’s great that the issue has been brought to light and that society is talking about it; that suffering mums are feeling not only more equipped to deal with their feelings but more ‘normal’ about the whole thing.

A tenth of pregnant women experience antenatal depression

And yet there is another side to the coin; something that is often forgotten, and that something is antenatal depression – the overwhelming anxiety and morbidity felt by pregnant women before the birth of their baby.

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Go organic with Abel & Cole’s Baby and Toddler Box

In Mum World, it’s incredibly easy to rely on the same old, weekly menu rotation of boring fruit and whatever vegetable you can inconspicuously sneak into a bread roll. Or a cheese string. You’re tired, and you don’t have the time to be rummaging in the exotic produce section for something you can pronounce – or at least safely categorise as an edible item.

Go organic with Abel & Cole's Baby and Toddler Box

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