Highchairs: Everything You Need To Know About Safety And Comfort

Highchairs can become almost essential once your little one is sitting up with confidence. For some families, this means that your little one can be part of the dinner table. It gives you the opportunity to eat together as a family.




What You Need To Know About Highchairs

The two most important features of highchairs that you need to look for are safety and comfort. Your little one’s highchair needs to be sturdy, easy to clean and comfortable for your child to sit in. There are some other features you might want to look for, but remember that the more features that highchairs have, the more expensive they tend to be.

  • Easy folding and compact storage
  • Extra padded seat
  • Reclining seat
  • Multi-function highchair – some highchairs convert into a small table and chair
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Removable seat cover
  • Removable tray


Highchair Safety

The most important feature of any item for babies, including highchairs, is safety. There are some safety features you need to consider before purchasing a highchair.

Your highchair should meet the British Safety Standard BS 14988. This is the standard for highchairs that means the chair has been made in a way that will avoid injuring children.

You should also look for a chair with a five-point safety harness which meets British Safety Standard BS 6684. This is the standard for harnesses meaning that your child will be safely restrained.

You should also look for highchairs that have a wide base, as it will give more stability. You need to think about storage. If you need to fold and store the highchair, then you’ll need to be sure that you can do this without injury.


Highchair Safety When In Use

There are also some safety tips you should keep in mind when you’re using the highchair. Firstly, always be sure that the highchair is properly locked in place and is stable. Never use a highchair on a raised, uneven or slippery surface. You also need to make sure that your little one is properly strapped into the chair. You will need to supervise your child when in the highchair. Young children and babies should never be left alone to eat as they may choke.


How To Choose The Right Highchair

Choosing the right highchair comes down to personal preference and practicalities. Some highchairs can take up a lot of space, so perhaps a compact design is right for you. Easy to clean designs are probably a priority, but other than the considerations mentioned above, the rest is down to personal preferences. Do you want something bright, colourful and cheerful, or do you prefer neutral and natural tones?