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How to get your child into good hygiene habits

It’s never too early to start getting your child into the habit of practising good hygiene. From washing hands regularly to brushing teeth well, keeping themselves clean is a good skill for your children to learn early on in their lives.     Keeping clean helps to kill germs and prevent sickness, as well as […]


Fun, healthy snacks for children

All kids love snacks, and this is the perfect opportunity for parents to make healthy food fun!     Hungry Caterpillar   This is a favourite book for many children and now you can turn it into a fun feast too! This simple snack features apples, kiwi fruit and clementines. Get the recipe here!   […]


Summer essentials for parents

Whether you’re planning a day trip to the coast, a BBQ with friends, paddling pool fun or just lazy days in the sun, here are some summer essentials for parents.     Sun cream It seems obvious but sun cream is the must-have for parents in the summer. A child’s skin is much more sensitive […]


Giving Every Newborn a Chance: Sudocrem proudly supporting Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity

We are pleased to announce that we’re now working alongside the Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity, supporting their crucial work in raising money for intensive care equipment in neonatal units.     One in eight babies are born prematurely – that equates to 90,000 babies in the UK every year. Ickle Pickles works to provide the […]



Energising smoothie recipes for busy parents

Get a quick and easy dose of vitamins and energise yourself with these delicious smoothie recipes – quick to make and ideal for busy parents.     Morning sunshine smoothie A great way to start the day with this sweet and tangy citrus recipe, packed with vitamin C. 2-3 freshly peeled and juiced tangerines 1 […]