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SIDS: The Facts Behind Every Parent’s Fear

“The specific definition of SIDS is death of an infant under one year that remains unexplained,” says neonatologist and clinical associate professor of paediatrics, Dr. Michael Goodstein. The lack of clarity in its explanation is largely what makes SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—so scary; that and the fact that sometimes, it’s unavoidable—the tragic consequence of a glitch in physiology. More positively, however, research shows there are still things you can do to lower your child’s risk.

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How to Get Your Child to Eat More Fish

Fish is an incredible source of Omega-3 fatty acids—which are integral for healthy brain development as well as visual acuity. But despite the major benefits, converting kids to the enjoyment of actually eating fish can be tricky; the texture and smell can be…intimidating. Here’s how to encourage your young ones to overcome their fishy fears and try the tuna…Or at least eat the mac ‘n’ cheese you’ve hidden the tuna inside of.

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Why Does My Newborn Have Bow Legs?

It’s hardly surprising that many adorable ads featuring babies do not use newborns–because (while you obviously love your own madly) newborn babes are rarely ready for their close-up; squished, scrunched, covered in miscellaneous gloop, cross-eyed…and bow-legged. While they might not nab a cameo, the good news is that newbies eventually smooth out and straighten up–their bow legs, too.

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