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Imaginary Friends are Disappearing–Here’s Why

According to recent research, the prevalence of invisible pals is on the decline. A stat quoted in The Guardian–comparing the imaginations of children at the turn of the millennium and those of today–revealed that in 2001 nearly half of all British children had an imaginary friend. Today, the percentage is just 17%.

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When Will My Baby Walk?

There’s few baby milestones more monumental than those first steps. In average, tots begin toddling close to a year, but there’s a wide age variable between 9 and 18 months. And some babes don’t follow the traditional trajectory of crawling, cruising, then walking, either; sit to saunter is normal, too. When it comes to walking–and babies in general–normal is a broad term. Use your little one’s unique clues to gauge when she’s ready to get moving.

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