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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Tot

Once your little one takes his first wibbly wobbly steps, you’ll need to think about shoes. While going bare is important for proprioceptive development (aka balance), not every terrain is suited to sensitive lil’ feet. And when you do lace-up, the style of footwear will have an impact on posture and vertebral growth. Here are all these concerns condensed into a handy shoe-shopping checklist…

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SIDS: The Facts Behind Every Parent’s Fear

“The specific definition of SIDS is death of an infant under one year that remains unexplained,” says neonatologist and clinical associate professor of paediatrics, Dr. Michael Goodstein. The lack of clarity in its explanation is largely what makes SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—so scary; that and the fact that sometimes, it’s unavoidable—the tragic consequence of a glitch in physiology. More positively, however, research shows there are still things you can do to lower your child’s risk.

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