Baby Crawling: What You Need To Know About Keeping Them Safe

Starting to crawl is a big moment in your little one’s life, but it can mean some big changes in yours. There are some adjustments you may need to make to keep your child safe as they master the art of crawling.


baby crawling


Benefits Of Crawling


Crawling is usually the first step in your little one becoming more mobile. It also helps develop balance, coordination and problem-solving skills.

Before your little one actually starts crawling, you might notice some warning signs. You might notice your baby starting to lift themselves up – almost like a baby version of a push-up.

If you think your little one is getting ready to crawl, you might want to encourage them to build their crawling strength so make sure they get tummy time to practise.


How To Keep Your Little One Safe As They Crawl


We have some safety tips that can help when your baby starts crawling.


Keep Floors Clean And Free Of Debris


Your little one will be spending quite a large amount of time on the floor. Carpets should be vacuumed, and other surfaces should be cleaned and mopped so that there are no bits that they could hurt themselves on or consume.


Babyproof Everything


Babies are curious and once they’re crawling, they’ll be getting into everything. Make sure you babyproof things, including:

  • Securing cupboards and drawers with child locks.
  • Making sure all cords and cables are out of reach.
  • Removing all heavy and sharp objects from the floor.
  • Moving valuable, and breakable items out of reach.
  • Removing all small items and choking hazards out of reach.
  • Making sure every plug socket has a cover.
  • Padding all sharp edges with cushion covers.
  • If you have a fireplace, use a fireguard or screen.
  • If you have stairs, use a stair gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Tie up hanging cords on blinds or curtains.
  • Lock your windows.
  • Keep all cleaning supplies out of reach, or in a locked cupboard.


Get Down With Them


Your little one will probably enjoy it if you spend time on the floor with them. If your little one isn’t quite crawling yet, it can help to have you demonstrate it for them.


Be Vigilant


Crawling babies seem to be little accident magnets so it’s important to be vigilant. Being present as they crawl can help prevent an accident from happening.


Think About Clothing


As your little one crawls, try to dress them in soft, comfortable fabrics. Look for clothes that are airy and allow movement. Some baby clothes will have reinforced knees to help give comfort during crawling.




If you have pets, you’ll need to be sure your little one can’t get into the pet supplies. This could mean that all pet dishes, bowls, and toys are moved up out of reach, or it may be that you keep your pets in another room as your baby explores. Remember to never leave pets and babies alone unattended.


Free Baby Safety Classes


We’ve partnered with The Baby Academy to offer free baby safety classes. It will give you information and guidance, but you’ll also have the opportunity to ask the experts your questions. This class can help to give you some baby safety skills and provide you with some peace of mind whilst your baby begins to crawl.