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The Skull Theory: Can it Predict a Baby’s Sex?

Typically, mums-to-be fall into one of two camps; fine to wait for the gender-reveal on the day of birth, or trying out every crazy wives’ tale until the 20 week scan to assuage the unbearable anticipation. If you’re in the latter category, here’s another theory to add to your to-dos—and the accuracy, as always, is […]


Can the 20 Week Scan Get My Baby’s Sex Wrong?

The 20 week scan is the big one—not only is your baby’s development given a detailed check, but it’s also the moment of the gender reveal (should you wish to know, of course!). But can you leave the scan and head straight to buy boy or girl-themed nursery decor? Usually. But ultrasound sex prediction isn’t always fool-proof. […]