Baby Shower Decorations: Cheap And Fun Ways To Throw A Party

Baby shower decorations don’t need to cost the earth to make an impression. There are so many ways that you can throw a fun baby shower party without breaking the bank. We’ve got some of our favourites here.


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Paper Lantern Baby Shower Decorations

Decorative paper lanterns are a cheap but effective party decor. They can be bought online, or you could even try making your own. You can use any colours, but the traditional pink and blue can provide a pretty pop of colour. Use a mix of different sizes for a really striking look.


Nappy Wreath

Nappy wreaths have become a popular baby shower decoration for two reasons. Firstly, they’re cute, and fit into the baby shower theme. Secondly, they’re practical for the mum-to-be. They can even be arranged around a nappy pail, and you can add in some extra practical pieces to emphasise the look. Baby socks, shoes, and mittens are all super useful for mum, and cute.


Rain Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Rain and umbrella themed baby shower decorations are a big trend. They’re cute and can be easily made. For example, if you had some card, string, and an umbrella, you could make your own easily. Cut rain clouds out of the card, and glue them to pieces of string. Tie a piece of string to each spoke of the umbrella. Make a few and place them throughout the shower space.


Baby Drinking Bottles

Use baby bottles as both serve-ware, and as a decorative talking piece for the baby shower. Use them instead of glasses to serve mocktails. You can colour the mocktail to the gender of the baby or make a mix. You can add ribbons and name tags to the bottles easily for that extra special touch.


Pop Station

These baby shower decorations are perfect for a laid-back shower, or a movie-watching shower. It’s basically a popcorn station, complete with popcorn boxes, popcorn toppings and fizzy pop to drink. Decorate a table with balloons and set out all the snacks. You could even print out a sign so that the guests can see the pun.


Wishes And Advice

This is a simple idea, but it gives mum and baby a keepsake of a special memory. All you need are some small envelopes – perhaps in two different colours, some paper and a jar or box to keep them in. In one envelope guests can write their wishes for the new arrival, and in the other, they can write some advice, or supportive words for mum. Seal the envelopes and put them in the jar or box, and the mum-to-be can read through them in her own time.


Baby Clothes Bunting

Some of the best baby shower decorations also have practical uses. This one is a perfect idea as the clothes are the cutest decoration for the party but will be useful for mum. All you need is a selection of baby clothes, string and some clothes pegs. You can peg up the clothing in a pattern – for example bib, vest, sleepsuit, bodysuit, bib, vest, sleepsuit, bodysuit. You may want to think about getting the clothes in the 3-6 months size as mum may end up with more 0–3-month clothes than the baby will be able to wear. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still use the idea, but use small items of clothing, like socks, bibs, and mittens.