Spring UK: Budget Friendly Spring Activities For Families

Spring is here in the UK, and families are looking for things to do together. The UK is home to some of the most wonderful attractions and things to do, but it can be difficult to find things to do while sticking to a budget. Here’s a list of some budget friendly activities for your family during Spring in the UK.


spring uk



Picnic In The Park

Children love picnics. There’s something wonderful about eating outside. Pack all your little one’s favourite foods and head off on a picnic adventure. Try your local park or find one of your local nature trails and end it with a picnic.



Geocaching can turn any day into an adventure day! Spring UK is a perfect time to download the app and see what geocaches are in your area. Find your geocaches and replace anything you take out with something new.


Rock Pooling

A day at the beach in nice weather doesn’t need to be saved until summer. You can still go to the beach in Spring UK. Take a net and a bucket to investigate rock pools and sea life. Always remember to put any sea life back where you found it.


Heritage House

There are so many heritage sites in the UK, and all of them make a wonderful, and educational day out. Many of these sites are open to the public, and many of them host free days during the half terms and other holidays. Check internet listings for ones in your area.


Local Libraries

Your local library may have a website or a bulletin board listing all the events and activities they have coming up. In most cases, these events will be free to attend.


Photography Challenge

Older children may really enjoy a photography challenge. List down a few things for them to take photos of, give each child a disposable camera or a digital camera and let them try out their photography skills. You can have prizes for winners in each category. For younger children, be very specific about what photos you want, but older children can be given fewer specific categories and use their own creativity about how a photo meets the requirements.


Science Experiments

Children really enjoy science experiments, and it can show them different chemical reactions. It also teaches them about the world around them in a different way. You can find online a list of easy experiments suitable for the age of your little ones.