Short Bedtime Stories: Fun And Quick Stories Kids Will Love

Short bedtime stories are a great thing to have in your back pocket. Bedtime stories can create a bedtime routine that helps your little ones get to sleep. These stories are quick, fun and may help your children unwind after their day.


short bedtime stories


Short Bedtime Story Books


Your local bookshop or library should have a wide selection of short bedtime stories for your little ones. They may even be able to offer recommendations based on your child’s interests. However, there are some classics that are still wonderful books, and can help instil a love of reading.




Babies love the sound of your voice, so you can read pretty much anything and they’ll be happy. However, there are some books that babies love.


That’s Not My …


This series of baby books are short and have a touch and feel aspect that little ones love. There’s a wide range so there will be something that appeals to you and your baby. Some examples are ‘That’s Not My Kitten’, ‘That’s Not My Tractor’ and ‘That’s Not My Dinosaur’.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic short bedtime story. It tells the story of a hungry caterpillar which helps little ones learn to count and creates a relaxing bedtime routine. There’s a reason this story is on most children’s bookshelves.


Children’s Books


As your little one grows, you might want to start introducing longer books, or books with more content. These bedtime stories fit the bill, while also being short enough that they can be read at bedtime.


Stories For …


Many book shops or libraries have a series of books called ‘Stories For…’ These books are anthologies of stories appropriate for that specific age group. For example, Stories For Six-Year-Olds contains stories that are longer, and more complex than Stories For Two-Year-Olds.


Room On The Broom


Julia Donaldson books are the favourites of so many children, and Room On The Broom is often one of the most popular. It has a wonderful rhythm and rhyme, incredible illustrations and mesmerising characters.


Online Options


There are several websites that you can use to access free short bedtime stories for children. Most websites sort their story options into age range and time limit. Most of the stories have illustrations, so it’s essentially turning your tablet into an e-book for your little one.