New Dad Survival Kit: Fun Gifts for New Dads

A new dad survival kit is a wonderful gift idea for any dad to be or new dad. We have some ideas on what you can put in it to make it a gift to remember!


New Dad Survival Kit



The first thing you should think about is the container that the new dad survival kit will be in. Perhaps a nappy bin, or a baby bath, as both can be very helpful for any new parent.


Things To Put In A New Dad Survival Kit

  • Coffee and coffee mug – sleep filled nights will be a thing of the past, so these really are necessary survival items.
  • Pot noodles – Pot noodles can actually be a very useful new dad survival kit idea. Sometimes new parents won’t really have time to cook a proper meal, and these are quick and easy food.
  • Air freshener – A car air freshener is a great joke addition to a new dad survival kit. As babies make a lot of smell!
  • Rubber gloves – Changing a nappy is a messy business, and a pair of rubber gloves might needed for a new dad!
  • Wipes – Wipes aren’t really a joke gift in a survival kit. They’re just useful to have for changing nappies, wiping up spills, and cleaning stains out of some clothes.
  • WD-40 – For fixing squeaky pram wheels.
  • Duct tape – For fixing whatever WD-40 can’t fix.
  • Comfy socks – No new dad survival kit would be complete without a pair or two of comfy socks. New dads are probably going to be staying very close to home for the next few weeks anyway, so they may as well be comfortable as they do.
  • Emergency first aid kit – All survival kits should come with a first aid kit.
  • Headphones – Babies cry a lot, and the only way any new dad will get some peace is with a good pair of headphones!
  • Matching outfits – You could add in a set of cute matching t shirts with phrases like ‘papa bear’ and ‘baby bear’.
  • Board books – Reading to a baby is a great way to bond and help them to develop their language skills, so putting in some fun bedtime stories for dad to read is a thoughtful gift.
  • A polaroid camera – For snapping those memories they’ll want to keep forever.


You can add in any other gifts that you feel need to be in a new dad survival kit, but these ideas should be enough to get you started.