Things To Do On A Rainy Day: Activities To Entertain Little Ones

Things to do on a rainy day to keep little ones entertained may be one of your top online searches! It can be very difficult to keep inquisitive minds busy and active children amused when they can’t get outside. These ideas will be fun for your little ones and help them to enjoy the days when they can’t get out.


things to do on a rainy day


Cardboard Box


The great thing about a cardboard box is that it can literally be anything. Perhaps it’s a train, a plane, or a car. It could be a house, or a hotel. Let their imaginations run wild. You could even gather up some paints and decorate your boxes. Cardboard boxes can provide your children with endless fun on rainy days.


Shaving Foam Sensory


Shaving foam sensory play is fun, but it definitely gets messy and requires your children to be supervised at all times. Set down some plastic, get a few different pans, and maybe even some food colouring. Your little ones will enjoy the sensation of the shaving foam, and the bright colours from the food colouring. You could go further and set up some other sensations as well; for example, you could have a container of mashed potato, jelly, or some dry rice.


Indoor Bowling


Indoor bowling can be one of the best things to do on a rainy day. You can find reasonably priced sets in almost every toy store, but you could also make your own. Things like empty drinks bottles, kitchen roll tubes, or toilet roll tubes make amazing bowling pins. You can paint them with poster paints, and then all you need is a ball to use to knock them down.


Cloud Dough


This cloud dough recipe is super simple for you to make, but can give your little ones hours of fun.




120 grams – 200 grams flour (plain flour will work, but some recipes call for corn-starch)

(uncoloured, and cheap)

Food colouring




Mix the conditioner and the food colouring together.

Add the flour and mix until combined.

Knead the dough until smooth.


If your mixture is tacky, add some more flour. The dough should feel soft and kind of fluffy. You can use whatever colours you want, and you could even add sand or salt glitter.