Kids Digital Art: Summer Holiday Activity

Kids digital art can be a great fun summer activity, but as well as that, so much of our world has gone digital. Art is a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the digital world, getting them used to using different devices, and allows you to start the conversations around online safety. Kids digital art can be a great activity to try on rainy summer days, or on those days when parents need some rest time!


Kids digital art


Digital Colouring

Kids digital art doesn’t have to be overly complicated, especially if you have very young children. It can be as easy as digital colouring. There are apps, and websites that allow your little ones to explore digital colouring. This means that they could try it out on a tablet using a touchscreen, or on a computer, which would also allow them to get used to using a keyboard and a mouse. Their creativity can run wild, with a many different colours and textures as they’d like – but with no mess or paper waste.


Digital Drawing

Another great kids digital art activity is digital drawing. Download a drawing app onto a tablet and let your little ones imaginations run wild. They can use their finger, or a stylus. Some apps will let you import your photos so they can add their own drawings to the picture.


You could make this into a game. Take photos of your pets, members of your family or even just inanimate objects. Write out some famous people, jobs and professions, and activities on separate small pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Keep them age specific for your children. Each person chooses a piece of paper and adds their own drawing to the picture while everyone else has to guess what it is.


Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo paper can be easily found online, and once you have it, all you need for this kids digital art activity is a printer. Your children can use any drawing software to create their tattoo designs, print them out using your home printer, and then apply them following the instructions according to the tattoo paper. This is a fun way for them to show off their art!