Get Out and Grow!

87% of British households have a garden, yet over half of British children between 4 and 8 are unable to name 5 vegetables or fruits grown in them and 95% were unable to name 3 herbs. Many of those couldn’t identify gardening tools, with only 8% able to identify a trowel, 80% never having seen a rake before and, worrying, 79% believing worms are bad for plants.


This year, Sudocrem have launched Get Out And Grow, a campaign encouraging children and their parents to swap blue light for sunlight and spend more time outside, planting seeds and growing together. No garden? No worries. Get Out and Grow is all about optimising whatever space is to-hand and a kitchen windowsill can be just as good as an allotment when it comes to teaching your children about nature.


With Lincolnshire headmaster Sam Coy as the first-ever Get Out and Grow ambassador, 20 gardening kits have been offered to schools all over the UK. Including wheelbarrows for children, gardening gloves, mini-trowels. Now Get Out and Grow ambassadors are popping up all over the country.



And that’s not all…

As summer draws to an end, we want you to send in pictures of you and your bright, sunny sunflowers to eke out that last bit of 2019 sunshine. #jackandthegiantsunflower is a project running through August and September giving parents and children the chance to win a bespoke sunflower t-shirt or a mural for their local school. Just upload your sunflower photo to Instagram and use #jackandthegiantsunflower, #getoutandgrow, #sudocrem and you’re in.


Spring is springing, the sun is beginning to shine through the clouds and nature is making its comeback. Happy days! It’s the perfect time for the whole family to head outside into the glorious weather, shake off the winter cobwebs, and try something new.


Share your sunflower photos and you could win a prize