What Eye Shadow Goes With Your Eye Colour?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not give the windows a nice frame? It’s well known that different eye colours look best with different colours of eye shadow, but which colour of shadow looks best with each eye colour?

What Eye Shadow Goes With Your Eye Colour? What Eye Shadow Goes With Your Eye Colour?

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are cooler tones, so to give them the best contrast you’ll want to opt for warm colours. Golds, rich browns, and dusky rose all look great with blue eyes. Pink looks good if you want a brighter look.

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, wearing purple eyeshadow looks great. It doesn’t need to be a shocking purple purple; an eye shadow with a muted purple hue looks good if you’d don’t want anything too vibrant. If you want to make a statement, go for bright violet!

Light Brown Eyes

Most eyeshadow colours work well with brown eyes, but neutral, natural shades like salmon and bronze really compliment them. If you have brown eyes, the choice is yours, but you may want to avoid brown shadows as they could make your eyes appear dull.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are partway between green and brown eyes. They often have flecks of the different colours within the iris, and aren’t one solid shade. This means if you have hazel eyes that you can wear colours which suit either green eyes or brown eyes.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are rare, but if you happen to have grey eyes, they look amazing with metallic silver, deep turquoises, and light blues.

Dark Brown Eyes

Dark brown eyes, like light brown eyes, are incredibly versatile. Even more so! You can go bright and try a cobalt blue to make your eyes really stand out, or try a metallic shade of bronze to bring out any pale flecks in your irises. Almost any colour of shadow looks good with dark brown eyes.