Five Simple Health Tips To Try This Month

If we’re honest, we could all do more to help look after ourselves. Happily, we don’t need to do a total life overhaul to positively improve our level of health.

There are plenty of “simple health tips” out there to follow, but these are a few that often get forgotten.

Plan your sleep change

On March 29th the clocks change and we will lose an hour of sleep. You can get ready ahead of time and help to prevent a shock to your body clock by progressively going to bed and waking up fifteen minutes earlier on each of the four days before the big change.

Check your moles

Make a resolution to regularly check your moles for any signs of change. Ask a friend to help you to photograph your moles, and refer back to these photos when you next do a check. If you see any changes in size, shape, or colour, it’s worth booking a doctor’s appointment to make sure that it’s nothing to worry about.

Get ready for hay fever season

The trick to stopping your hay fever symptoms is to start your treatment before the symptoms show up to begin with. If you know which pollens affect you, then you can predict when they are likely to be around. Medications and steroid nasal sprays which are used for around two weeks before you really need them have been shown to be far more effective than starting them when symptoms first appear.

Drink a probiotic

A disruption in gut bacteria is linked to some of the world’s most serious chronic diseases such as asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. To look after your gut health, and therefore your overall health, it’s a great idea to eat probiotic yogurt or drink a probiotic drink each day.

Lift heavy things

Yes, really. They don’t need to weigh a ton and turn you into another Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you can do wonders for your health by going to the gym and lifting weights, or getting some light weights for use at home, or even just doing some manual labour. Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your muscles and improve metabolic health.