Going For The Chop? Why Not Donate To Charity, Too?

If you’ve got long hair, you might decide to have the chop and go short for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re fed up of having to style it every morning, or it keeps getting caught under bag straps, or maybe you just fancy a change.

Donate hair to charity

Whatever the reason for the haircut, before you do face the scissors, it’s worth thinking about what you’re going to do with your hair afterwards. Naturally this means thinking of what kind of style you want to have post-cut, but what about what you’re going to do with the hair that you don’t keep?

We have a suggestion, why not donate it to charity?

Charities such as the Little Princess Trust are always looking for willing donors who are happy to send their hair to them to be made into wigs for patients under the age of 24 who have lost their own hair due to cancer or other illnesses. If you’re thinking of changing your hairstyle this year, and have a fair length of hair that will be cut off and would like to donate, then you might like to know what the Little Princess Trust looks for:

  1. Hair that is clean – wash your hair with shampoo (don’t add conditioner) before you cut it.
  2. Hair that is completely dry.
  3. Hair that is in good condition (no split ends).
  4. Hair that isn’t dyed an unnatural colour (green, blue etc etc)
  5. Hair that is over 17cm in length.
  6. Hair that is in a ponytail (plaits are also accepted but in a ponytail is better).