How To Break Up With Your Therapist

We know that breaking off a relationship is hard. Even when it’s a mutual decision it can be really tough to bring things to an end, but when it’s your decision and not something that the other person knows is coming it can be even harder.

How To Break Up With Your Therapist

Well, breaking up with a partner is one thing, but “breaking up” with your therapist can be even more awkward. The thing is, as more of us recognise that we need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health, it’s something that more of us will need to do. But how to do it?

First off, identify why you want to end your current therapy arrangement. If it’s a question of expense, then there’s absolutely no shame in telling your therapist that you can’t afford to keep seeing them, and they certainly won’t judge you for it!

However, if you want to stop seeing them because you are feeling uncomfortable and it’s bringing up painful introspection, then it may be a phase you need to go through to come out of on the other side. Perhaps something to ask your therapist? Or discuss with another person?

It could also be that your therapist simply isn’t a good fit for you. We don’t “click” with everyone we meet, and if you don’t feel that your therapist really “gets” you, or that they’re not addressing the issues that you want to focus on, or perhaps that you’ve come to a stop in your progress, then taking a break for a while, or trying something else, could be just what you need.

If you are able to break up with your therapist (and for the right reasons), and feeling a bit guilty about it, try to remember that it’s a simple monetary relationship. Look at it as a business decision maybe. Also, in the majority of cases, the end aim of therapy is to come to a point when you don’t need it anymore. You’re just ending the therapy sooner.

As for how to do it, do it however feels most comfortable for you. This may be in person, by phone, or by email. After all, it is, in the end, a business relationship and not a friendship, and looking after yourself is what it’s all about.