Top Skin Care Tips for Winter Weather

Winter plays havoc with our skin. The dewy skin of summer disappears only to be replaced by dry and flaky skin. Cutting winds, dry central-heated air, and constantly changing temperatures all contribute to a complexion that is less than glowing. There are some things you can do to combat the effects of winter though.

Top Skin Care Tips for Winter Weather

Take vitamin C

This could be drinking more orange juice, or taking a daily supplement. Not only does vitamin C help guard against winter colds, but it’s also great for our skin. Studies have shown that vitamin C boosts collagen levels in the skin and makes it firmer, and that signs of ageing such as wrinkles can be reduced with vitamin C.


Invest in a humidifier

Dry air is seriously bad news for our skin. Air conditioning and central heating both draw moisture out of our skin and in doing so makes our skin dry out and flake. One way to guard against this is to invest in a humidifier and put it in the room where you spend most of your time.

You could also see if your boss would be willing to get one for where you work. If they’re not tempted, try telling them that studies have found that raising indoor humidity levels helps to reduce approximately 85% of airborne viruses. Humidifier = fewer workers calling in sick!


Maintain the SPF

Yes, the sun may be hidden behind clouds more often, and it may seem to have deserted us completely on some days, but you still need sun protection. Why? Because UVA rays can pass through clouds and windows and these rays play a role in premature skin ageing and wrinkle formation. Your skin will also be grateful for the extra moisture some SPF cream brings.


Keep your moisturiser near

When it’s not on hand (no pun intended), we can forget to regularly apply moisturiser. Regularly moisturising is vital in keeping your winter skin nourished and happy. To make sure that you remember to apply your moisturiser regularly, keep a small tube or pot in your bag, one in your drawer at work, and one by the bathroom sink. In particular, take care to apply some moisturiser after washing your hands throughout the day.


Oil is your friend

After your morning shower, apply oil (Argan oil works well) to your skin while it’s still damp, and then apply a moisturiser to your skin once it’s dry. The oil will help to maintain your skin’s moisture levels, and the moisturiser will give it a further boost of hydration.


Drink plenty

If we don’t hydrate our bodies by drinking plenty of water, we’re making it so much harder for ourselves in so many ways, not just in the form of dry skin. Without proper hydration, our concentration levels drop and headaches become more likely. Make sure you get your two litres a day!