Getting Away From Greasy Hair

You’re not sure why, but do you find that your hair gets greasy almost within a couple hours of washing it? Ok, maybe not that quickly, but it can feel like it at times. Greasy hair is a common annoyance which many of us are looking for long-term solutions too.

Well, it might not be as dependant on genetics and hair-type as we think. Often it’s down to making a few easily-fixed grooming mistakes…

Washing hair too often
If it’s greasy – wash it. Right? Well, maybe not. Washing hair too often can make it go greasy quicker. This is because we strip the natural oils out of it, stimulating our scalp to try and replace them as quickly as possible. Hence the greasy look.
Try using a balancing shampoo that won’t be so harsh, and gradually leave longer periods of time between washes. It may not look great on the days before you wash it, but your hair will be happier and less greasy in the long term.

Playing with your hair
It’s not just oils from your scalp that can collect on hair and weigh it down. Oils from our skin can add to the build-up too. If you regularly play with your fringe and run your fingers through it, you’ll find it looks greasy and flat much sooner.

Conditioning all-over
Don’t condition the roots of your hair. Conditioner weighs hair down and can lead to oily roots. The places which need conditioner tends to be from the middle of your hair down to the ends. The ends are what really need the conditioner. By just conditioning those, you should find that your hair looks fresher for longer.

Not brushing often enough
The natural oils come from our scalp, and if we don’t brush our hair once or twice a day from root to tip, the oils don’t get distributed evenly and just build up at the roots giving hair a greasy appearance.
However, don’t brush too often – once or twice a day is plenty. Over-brushing can stimulate oil-production making the problem worse.