Go Green with Eco-Glitter

When summer comes, festivals and glitter go together like strawberries and cream – you could have one without the other, but would you really want to? Well, possibly if you are a keen eco-warrior who wants to lessen their impact on the environment in any way possible.

Go Green with eco glitter

Although in ancient times glitter had been made from powdered stones, crushed insects, and ground glass, modern glitter is usually made from plastic, and is rarely recycled. Considering that over 4.5 million kilograms of glitter was bought between 1989 and 2009, that’s an awful lot of plastic! So, in an effort to be kinder to the planet, while still keeping glitter on the makeup menu, brands such as Eco Stardust have sprung up.

Eco Stardust is a company which makes plastic-free and aluminium-free glitter which will biodegrade in only four weeks. They also offer a service where they’ll take any non-biodegradable glitter you may have and upcycle it into jewellery so that it doesn’t go to waste, or end up scattered in the environment.

Other companies which offer bio-degradable, plastic-free glitter include the likes of BioGlitter (their BioGlitter Sparkle range has 8% plastic, but their BioGlitter Pure is completely 100% plastic-free), and Glitterevolution.