How To Beat The Monday Blues

Do you get sad and anxious when Sunday evening rolls around and the prospect of the Monday to follow looms large? You’re not alone! There are things you can do to help banish the Monday blues though.

How To Beat The Monday Blues

Avoid working at the weekend

If you keep working, it’ll feel like you never had a break.

Don’t overfill

If your weekend is full to bursting with an activity, you’ll not have time to recharge and you’ll end up getting to Monday still feeling tired and in need of a break

Take time for you

Of course, there may be things you need to do for other people, but try to factor in time for yourself during the weekend. Try to do things you’d like to do instead of what you feel you ought to be doing.

Identify why you feel the blues

Monday blues come to us all at some point, but if you’re feeling them on a regular basis it may be that something in your work life needs to change. Focus on what’s worrying you and look at what you can do to alter it. Maybe a career change is in order? Or perhaps you need to have a relaxed talk with your boss about your stressful workload?

Get a good night’s sleep

Most things look better in the morning, particularly if you’ve had a restful night. If you’re struggling to fall asleep, try reading before bed and putting all technology and screens away at least one hour before bedtime.