How to Digital Detox – A Few Top Tips

There comes a point when technology no longer makes your life easier, but instead, it takes it over completely. You find yourself checking your phone every few minutes as notification after a notification comes in, and when you’re done with those, scrolling through newsfeeds on various apps. You lose track of the time and where you are and what’s going on.

How to Digital Detox – A Few Top Tips

When this happens, it’s definitely time for a digital detox!

Top Detox Tips:

Tip 1: Set yourself a minimum length of time which you’ll detox for.

Tip 2: Let people know ahead of time what you’re doing and that you may not be reachable. That way no one feels ignored if you don’t reply.

Tip 3: On a similar note, turn on your out-of-office email response.

Tip 4: Wear a watch – don’t look at your phone to check the time.

Tip 5: Meet up with people in person! It’s wonderful to talk to people face to face.

Tip 6: Go to a new environment to give yourself a fresh outlook to take in.

Tip 7: If you need to be able to be contacted by phone in case of emergency, put your SIM into an old non-smartphone, non-internet phone which can pick up calls, but not much else. (If you have a mini-SIM card you can get adapters to turn it into a traditional SIM card size so it will fit.)