Spring Trends To Love…or Loathe?

You’re probably not going to love every fashion, but hopefully at least one of the trends (which are set to be big this spring and summer!) will be a style to float your style boat.

Spring Trends To Love…or Loathe?


It’s not just the makers of Crocs that are big on rubberised materials this season, one of the star outfits in Calvin Klein’s new collection is a synthetic rubber pencil-skirted dress! There’s been a lot of rubber and rubber-effect around on the catwalk. (Maybe not so great for hot weather though!)


A bit of ruching in strategic places can give curves to even the most boyish figures, and it can also flatter full-figures too. Comfortable and classy, ruching is a big trend this season.

Asymmetric necklines

One-shoulder tops; one-sleeve tops; tops with choker-straps and slash-detailing; the off-balanced designs are very eye-catching and a big hit on the catwalk and on the high street.


There’s a lot of this colour around! If pastels and purples are your thing then you’re in luck!

Pink and red

Traditionally two colours that clash and shouldn’t be worn together, now the in colour deemed as “Millennial pink” which is everywhere this season is being given a colour pop with a splash of red paired with it.

The bum bag

Also known as a fanny pack, these bags which were everywhere in the late eighties and early nineties are well and truly back. They’re useful for keeping your hands free, but they’re not for everyone.

Via Elle