The Correct Order of Skincare

With so many skincare products on the market, it’s hard to remember what order they should all be applied in, and even if you really need all of them. Do we really need to put on toner, and serum, and cleanser, and moisturiser, and the list goes on. Well, the answer is, yes, and no…

The Correct Order of Skincare

The thing about skincare is that it’s not a case of one routine fits all. Different skin types need different care routines. For example, dry and sensitive skin won’t need a toner, and face masks shouldn’t be used more than twice a week for some people, and even less regularly than that for others. However, there is a general order in which it’s best to apply skincare products, and it’s one which most skin types can follow by leaving out the products which aren’t helpful to their skin type.


Daytime Skincare

In your morning skincare routine, the order should go: cleanser, followed by toner, followed by serums, followed by moisturiser, and finished off with sun cream.

The cleanser you use will depend on your skin type, and if you have sensitive skin then a hydrating spray may be a better option than using toner.

If you use a treatment serum and a hydrating serum, then your treatment serum should go on before the hydrating serum. An example of the two types being that Vitamin C serums offer additional protection against pollution, while hyaluronic serums are hydrating.

The moisturiser you use and how much of it will depend on your skin type and whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. All three types do need moisturising though.

As for sun cream, even when it doesn’t appear to be very sunny outside, it’s important to put on sun protection as even in cloudy weather, damaging UV rays can still get through and harm your skin.


Night Time Skincare

Before you go to bed, make time to do your skincare routine. It should go: makeup removal, then cleanser, then a mask (no more than twice a week at the very most), then toner (if applicable), then retinol if you use it, then serum, then moisturiser.

So, a basic summary is:


Mask (night time and on occasion)


Retinol (night time)



SPF (daytime)


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