The Souvenirs To Collect To Remind You Of Your Travels

Travelling is amazing. Not only the experience itself, but also the memories of your travels after you’ve come home. One way to keep those memories alive is to collect souvenirs when you travel. But what to choose?

Souvenirs Remind you of travels


If you love travelling and want to buy a souvenir in all the places you go to, but don’t want to end up with a windowsill covered in the likes of Eiffel Tower replicas and plastic models of the Statue of Liberty, then why not opt for one of these ideas?

Collect Christmas ornaments.

There are sure to be Christmas ornaments for sale in tourist areas even when it’s not actually the festive season. If there aren’t any, then a keyring can easily become a Christmas ornament. It’ll give you a rush of great memories putting them on the tree every year.


It doesn’t have to be big, it could be as small as you like, but a painting/drawing/sketch made by a local artist will give you an amazing wall display that’s utterly unique, as well as supporting local artisans!


This might sound a bit cliché, but instead of just buying a postcard and bringing it back in your case, write it and send it home to yourself (this way you also get a cool collection of interesting stamps and postmarks). Make a note on it of your favourite things about the place you’re in, what you’ve done, and what new things you’ve tried. Then, once they’ve arrived at your home, hole punch them and make them into a book.