Top Tips for Makeup Vlogging

Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are Beauty Vlogs. Watching them is great, and can give you lots of new makeup ideas to try out, but also fun is creating your own.

Top Tips for Makeup Vlogging

If you want to create your own makeup and beauty vlogs, these are some top tips that you might like to consider.

As beauty blogs are, to a great extent, all about the aesthetic, you need to look at the lighting, beauty products, backgrounds and audio you use.


Make sure that you are lighting your video from the front so that your viewers can clearly see what you are doing. Either face a window (and make sure that your camera’s shadow doesn’t fall across you) or invest in a light ring – a circular light which your camera can sit inside or just behind.

Beauty products

Lay everything you’re going to be using neatly out in front of you. This means that whatever you need will be at hand and you won’t break the flow of your video by reaching across the camera line for stray brushes or the like.


Keep it minimal. The background to your video should be uncluttered and not too distracting, but, equally, a plain white wall doesn’t look great. Try hanging a sheet behind you to create an instantly more professional background.


You want your viewers to be able to hear what you are saying, and so inbuilt microphones, while they are functional to an extent, are not great. Opt if you can for an external microphone, or, if you don’t want to buy a new piece of equipment for vlogging, you can download a free audio editing program from which will improve the sound quality from a camera or phone microphone.