Top Tips to Take You Through Any Challenge

Some jobs are easier than others. Some tasks are more fun than others. It can be easy to lose motivation when we’re faced with difficult or tedious challenges. With that in mind, these are our top tips to help you stay motivated and succeed no matter what task you’re faced with.

Top Tips to Take You Through Any Challenge

Change things up

If the task is repetitive, trying changing it slightly. It could be that if you’re reluctant to start your essay, writing it in a different place might help – in the library instead of your bedroom for example. If the task is getting tiring, try changing the speed you’re doing it, but don’t stop entirely. Even if you run your run slower, you’ve still done it. If the task is monotonous, give yourself a new way to do it. For example, if you’re studying and taking notes, change the colour of the pen you write with for every new note you make.

Really focus

Concentrate on what the activity is that you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. If you need to vacuum your living room, notice how you’re moving and take the opportunity to reconnect with your body.

Plan a reward

It doesn’t matter what it is, but make it something that you can give yourself and don’t let yourself have it until the task is done. (Simply taking a break doesn’t count as a reward – try having a snack to look forward to, or a half hour episode of your latest series ready to watch).

Break the task down

If you have a 3000-word essay to write, don’t think of it as a 3000-word essay. Looking at it in 500-word chunks will make it far less daunting as a prospect. When one 500 word section is written, take a break and give yourself a reward.

Enlist support

If you’re still struggling, ask a friend for help. If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym, get a gym buddy. If you’re avoiding studying, get a study buddy. Even if the task is something they can’t directly help with, simply having a friend nearby can help boost your mood and give you that extra motivation that you need.