From Belly Dancing to Goat Yoga –Time to Mix Up Your Exercise Regime

Pounding the treadmill is all well and good, but dare we say that after a while it can get a bit…boring? Well, if you fancy trying something a bit different, then why not try one of these unusual exercise classes? These are not your typical workout.

Woman in red balancing from hoop


At the London School of Lucha Libra you can learn the art of British, Mexican, Japanese and American-style pro-wrestling. If you liked the Netflix series Glow, this might be just your thing.

Pole Dancing

Also known by some as vertical bar, this is a gymnastic-style workout which is empowering, great for flexibility, and helps to teach body confidence.

Goat Yoga

Like normal yoga, only once you’re in downward dog, a very cute and rather bouncy baby goat may just come along and climb on you. The yoga you do is a relaxed form of yoga, and you can either concentrate on the yoga, or pet the goats. The addition of goats is meant to help relieve stress and break you out of your normal mindset.


High intensity interval training moves on an inflatable bed floating in water. The beds are anchored, but they still wobble to help make the workout more challenging. If you thought burpees were hard, try doing them while simultaneously trying not to fall in the water!

Belly Dancing

Grab some friends and get your wriggle on. It’s harder than it looks!


If you live near a river or a lake you can probably find a kayaking club nearby. Paddle along the river and enjoy the sights.

Aerial Hoop

Take a hula-hoop, make it a big bigger and stronger, hang it from the ceiling, and voila! You have a new piece of exercise equipment. Most of the class will be spent in the air as you use the hoop as a trapeze variation.