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Get Outside This Weekend

Get Out There This Weekend!

If you want to get some exercise, but running on a treadmill in a gym with harsh fluorescent lighting isn’t for you, then that’s ok. There are plenty of things you can do which involve the great outdoors, and which are a bit more unusual! […]


Would You Plog?

If you enjoy being active in the great outdoors, and you’re also keen to help the environment, then you might be an ideal candidate for “plogging”. What is plogging? Good question. […]


Have You Tried Climbing The Walls?

There are lots of active classes you can sign up to nowadays. Everything from adult ballet to boxercise to pole fit in the pool (really, it’s a thing). However, if you’re not a fan of organised classes, or going to the gym then it doesn’t leave you with quite so many options… […]